HAA Mentor Series Speaker Joel Beckett

By Amy Smith March 9th, 2017 | Flying | Helicopters | Events

HAA Mentor Series presents our next speaker Joel Beckett. Joel was a former helicopter CFI at the Troutdale Campus who is now working for Columbia Helicopters in Afghanistan as a Vertol 107 co-pilot.He began working for Columbia in firefighting operations last summer and moved into the Afghanistan operations this winter. He recently returned from his first deployment. Joel will share stories about his transition into this new position as a copilot in a tandem rotor helicopter and his experiences firefighting and in Afghanistan.

Join us Thursday, March 16 at 1pm at our Troutdale Campus for Joel’s presentation.

Joel Beckett Columbia




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Six-year-old boy 'pilots' Etihad plane: A six-year-old boy who once amazed some airline crew during a random visit to a cockpit finally got the opportunity of a lifetime. Etihad Airways announced on Thursday that it had invited a little boy named Adam Mohammad Amer to "fly" an aircraft at its training academy. Wearing a specially made pilot uniform, Adam was given the chance to operate an Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger plane. "If we overshoot the runway, I’m gonna have to shout ‘turn around’,” the little boy told his “co-pilot”. The airline had invited the kid, who is of Egyptian-Moroccan origin, to become a pilot for a day after he impressed the crew with his aviation knowledge. Captain Majed Al Marzouqi, Etihad vice president for flight operations, said the boy's enthusiasm reminded him of his own as a child, with dreams of becoming a pilot. "It really is a wonderful opportunity for us to engage with the children of our community. Adam shows incredible intellect and knowledge, having learned complex operational procedures from YouTube videos. I hope he has enjoyed his day in the life of a pilot and that it encourages him to pursue his passion when he is older," he said.

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