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Pilot Job Placement

Career Pathways

HAA has established relationships with leading operators, both nationally and locally, to help open doors and provide pilot job placement for our program graduates. These pathways allow dedicated students to take the next step in their careers.

We partner with top airlines to encourage our students to pursue exciting career paths in the commercial pilot industry. These career opportunities feature training that aligns specifically with the airline’s pilot recruitment efforts.

Our Industry Partners


United and Hillsboro Aero Academy partner in an exciting career path program, Aviate, which gives Hillsboro students and CFIs a clear route to a United Airlines flight deck.

Those who apply and succeed in the Aviate selection process will join the program and benefit from a defined path, which takes you from our training to United Airlines pilot recruitment. Your journey starts as a Hillsboro student and then as a Hillsboro CFI as you build toward your ATP, while maintaining an outstanding performance record. Then you will have the opportunity to transition to United Express, followed by United. This path puts you on a direct course for a lifelong career at United. Throughout the journey, Aviate participants will build aeronautical experience and develop as leaders with full access to a United coach. Hillsboro Aero Academy’s training team works with United’s partners to prepare students for a position as a United pilot.

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Horizon Air and Hillsboro Aero Academy have designed a program to provide students with an opportunity to fly as a first officer/ pilot with Horizon Air, following completion of the minimum requirements at HAA. If selected for the Horizon Air Pilot Development program, the pilot may receive training funds to aid them in obtaining new ratings to build time as a flight instructor.

At Hillsboro Aero Academy, we’re committed to helping our students further their aviation careers with pilot job placement. If you’re interested in any of our career pathway programs, contact us for more information.

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