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Hillsboro Aero Academy offers the most comprehensive opportunity for students to train and pursue airplane pilot careers. At our Hillsboro campus, we have a diverse student population, experienced instructors, and a diverse aircraft fleet.

Educational Resources

Hillsboro Aero Academy has 40+ years of professional training experience. Our school is FAA-approved with Part 141 certification. We make safety a priority, and we fully incorporate it into every lesson. Our school provides real-world pilot experience, so each student learns the skills they need to follow any career they desire. We offer specific career pathways to suit any student’s goals.

Student Housing

Our Hillsboro campus features convenient student housing with close proximity to various dining and shopping options. Located just 20 miles outside of Portland, our flight school makes it easy to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. The campus is only 90 minutes from the beach, which can make for a perfect weekend getaway. You can also connect with other Hillsboro students and become part of the community.

Career Opportunities

Through your professional pilot training, you’ll earn the necessary certificates and ratings to become a commercial pilot. At Hillsboro Aero Academy, we also hire many of our graduates to work as flight instructors in our program, so they can continue to earn hours and improve their skills in preparation for the next step in their pilot career. We have partnerships and connections with various airlines and aviation organizations, which creates numerous career placement opportunities.

Hillsboro Aero Academy offers the ideal aviation education for any student who wants to fly. Between our in-depth training and promising career pathways, we help pilots achieve their dreams.

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