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Troutdale Campus

Helicopter Flight School in Troutdale, Oregon

Hillsboro Heli Academy provides the courses and training to launch your helicopter pilot career. Our flight school in Troutdale, Oregon, welcomes students from all over the world, and we’ve successfully trained professional pilots for 40 years.

Receive an In-Depth Education

At Hillsboro Heli Academy, our goal is to deliver well-rounded educational programs to prospective pilots that include challenging flight conditions, realistic practice scenarios, and real-world experience.

When you take helicopter lessons in Oregon, you fly in various weather conditions. This gives you the confidence to safely fly in any environment. Our Troutdale Campus has an in-house FAA-approved repair station where we service our fleet. Safety is our top priority, so we do our part to ensure our students receive thorough safety training and have well-maintained equipment. In addition to one-on-one instruction and flight experience, our curriculum also includes flight simulators to enhance training.

Connect with Other Students

Our Troutdale Campus includes student housing, so you can network with your peers. With Portland only about 20 miles away, you’re just a short drive from the city’s dining, shopping, and entertainment. When you’re not studying, the area’s fun activities will keep you busy.

Pursue a Helicopter Pilot Career

The right helicopter training opens the door for unlimited career opportunities. Whether you want to work in tourism or emergency medical services, Hillsboro Heli Academy can help you with specialized training to suit your career goals. We partner with several companies and helicopter organizations, including the ADAC Luftrettung gGmbH, which is a non-profit that employs search-and-rescue pilots in Europe. Learn more about our partners and potential career pathways here.

Hillsboro Heli Academy wants to help you achieve your dreams. Contact our helicopter flight school in Troutdale, Oregon, to start this new path and discover your potential.



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Troutdale Campus
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