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Committed to Your Safety

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is an important factor when choosing a flight school to complete your pilot training. Hillsboro Aero Academy has an excellent safety record, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. For us safety is more than just a way of flying, it’s part of our curriculum and a key component of each student’s training.

We have the prestigious IS-BAO accreditation for our flight school — the first Part 141 primary flight school (academy) to receive this accreditation. The IS-BAO program was developed by the International Business Aviation Council as an internationally recognized set of safety standards for business aviation.

Your training experience is supported by our SMS, run by our Safety Manager who reports directly to the President of the company. Students and employees can use our online reporting system to anonymously report any hazards or incidents from any location, at any time.

Every report is automatically emailed to the appropriate managers for an immediate response. Once a hazard or incident is reported, it is logged into a tracking program where it’s not only stored for documentation but also used in trend analysis that alerts us to any hazards or risks that could be minimized.

On top of our safety program, our fleet of reliable aircraft are maintained in our FAA-approved repair station by factory-authorized mechanics, and we employ a team of quality inspectors to make sure the work is completed thoroughly and accurately.

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