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International Student Information

As one of the largest flight schools in the United States, Hillsboro Aero Academy is experienced in supporting international students during the enrollment and visa process through the completion of the training program and finding employment. We are approved to offer student visas through our accredited school, Airman’s Proficiency Center, which is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.


Since 1980, we have been training professional pilots with thousands of pilots trained from over 75 countries. It’s this experience that allows us to help you for your future career and transition into our school with complete ease. What sets Hillsboro Aero Academy apart from other flight schools is that we are approved to offer two visa programs, the F-1 Visa and the M-1 Visa. Very few schools can offer the F-1 Visa which allows you to build experience as a pilot in the U.S. upon completion of your training. This is an excellent way to build hours making you more employable when you return to your home country.

Additionally, we have a website for prospective students from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in German at www.flyhaa.de.

Our admissions team is ready to help you throughout this process so please contact us at any point.

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