Student Life at HAA Flight School


Student Life at Flight School

Life outside the cockpit at flight school involves everything from having fun to getting help guiding your career in the right direction. At Hillsboro Aero Academy, we have it all.


Our campuses are located near major cities such as Portland and Las Vegas that both have a vibrant, young community. For those at our Oregon locations, the Oregon Coast and the Columbia River Gorge are short drives away and let you get your adrenaline fix through surfing, kite boarding, paragliding, hiking and other activities. And in Las Vegas, you are near Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Lake Mead.


You can choose to live on campus, or off, and either way you have the support of the whole Hillsboro community and access to everything you need to be successful in your training.

I wanted to be able to look back at this experience and say, I didn’t miss anything. Oregon has it all! Hiking, skiing, hot springs, city life, four seasons with lots of weather, and great people.
Tor Eirik HAA graduate

Tor Eirik Larheim, Utility Pilot for Helitrans
Tor Eirik always wanted to be a pilot, but he thought this career was for "super humans and super rich people." It wasn't until a friend moved to the United States to become a helicopter pilot that Tor Eirik realized his dream was possible and began researching schools.

The first thing that comes to mind when I'm asked about my training at Hillsboro is family. The environment in which I trained was safe, structured, professional, and became a home away from home. The bonds which I formed with the staff and students during my time there will last me a lifetime.
Apachu HAA graduate

Apachu Poovaiah, First Officer, A320, Vistara (TATA-SIA Airlines LTD)
Apachu completed Hillsboro’s Airplane Professional Pilot Program while on the F-1 Visa. It allowed him to complete his training in the U.S. with the possibility of building extra hours working as a certified flight instructor before returning home to tap the booming airline market in India.

Plenty to Do

The light rail provides access to downtown Portland from our campuses located in the greater Portland area and one of Oregon’s fastest growing cities, Bend, is just over 20 minutes from our Redmond campus. Our Las Vegas campus is just over 20 minutes from the center of the action on Las Vegas’ famed strip.

For those in Oregon, Mt. Hood is just east of Portland, making skiing and snowboarding easy in the winter and students usually organize trips you can join.

Get your adrenaline fix on the gorgeous Oregon Coast, Columbia River Gorge, or Lake Mead, surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, boating, hiking, or biking. If you don’t feel like going into the city or heading into the outdoors, we have plenty to do on each campus too. When there’s enough interest, informal sports teams are organized—like softball and soccer.

Monthly barbecues give students and employees a chance to make friends over food and drinks.

We’ll use Facebook to update you on events and there is are Facebook groups you can use to connect with other students and make new friends. Like us on Facebook for the latest news and updates.

Everything You Need to Fly

From mentorship and advising sessions to help you guide your career, to the supplies you need and on-site FAA testing facilities, our school has it all.

Our campuses have FAA-certified testing centers where students can take all required FAA knowledge exams. That means you don’t have to spend extra money and time to go take them somewhere else.

Our Learning Resource System is filled with a library of textbooks, current periodicals, videos and DVDs, audio recordings, computerized test prep software, and a list of helpful websites to help you get your pilot certificate. Study rooms are available when you need some peace and quiet.

Career Placement Assistance

We do our best to help you find a career after flight school. Our placement assistance services include resume writing help, interview prep, employment postings, career path advice, and referrals to known sources of employment.

You also have access to the huge worldwide Hillsboro Aero Academy network of pilots. Students and graduates share their contact information and current place of employment on our student and alumni map.

Job placement isn’t guaranteed, but we do everything we can to get you there, and our network offers a unique advantage in the industry.

Lesson Scheduling & Account Management

We want you to focus on your flying, so we create your flight and ground lesson schedules for you. Our scheduling team, including team leads and instructors, schedules lessons according to your program and individual training needs.

Our accounting department also helps you manage your account, run reports and audit school flight accounts to make sure you’re on track.

Computer Access

We offer computers for test prep, flight planning, and checking weather across our campuses. The Hillsboro campus’s testing center office has computer access for students when testing isn’t in progress. At the Troutdale campus, student computers are located in the testing center as well as in the student records room and they are available whenever the school is open.

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