Veterans Benefits Used for Flight Training


Use Your GI Bill® Benefits For Flight School

Hillsboro Aero Academy has two options for veterans seeking to use GI Bill® benefits for flight training. One through our partnership with Liberty University (only at our Las Vegas Campus). Hillsboro Aero Academy is contracted to provide the airplane flight training for their aviation degree program so you can use your VA Education Benefits through the college. The second option is through Vocational Flight Training directly with Hillsboro Aero Academy.

Collegiate Partner

Our partnership with Liberty University allows for the integration of their degree programs and Hillsboro Aero Academy’s airplane flight training. This partnership allows students to obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree while completing your flight training with Hillsboro Aero Academy. This program is only available for airplane training at our Las Vegas Campus.

Vocational Flight Training (Direct Funding)

For veterans who don’t attend the degree program with our partner university, Hillsboro Aero Academy is approved for direct, limited funding for flight training under the Post-9/11 GI Bill® using the Vocational Flight Training option.

This chapter provides a set amount per academic year, but you need to have your Private Pilot Certificate first. This is separate from the way it works with our collegiate partners and does not include the BAH or allowance for books and supplies. You must contact Hillsboro Aero Academy prior to starting any training if you are planning to use your GI Bill® in this manner. Students who wish to use GI Bill® must follow the approved FAR 141 syllabus and hold a current second class medical and a Private Pilot Certificate.

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