Cessna 162 at HAA

Airplane Training Campuses

Professional Pilot Training
at Two Dedicated Campuses

Our airplane pilot career training takes place on two campuses in Oregon in the spectacular Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Each has their own unique identity and flight environment, but both offer top-notch facilities for ground and simulator training, experienced flight instructors, and diverse and well-maintained aircraft fleets.

Hillsboro Campus

Our home campus is just west of Portland, Oregon, consistently named one of the ten most livable cities in the US. Nestled in a broad valley between mountain peaks and less than 60 miles from the Pacific Ocean, this campus features a temperate year-round climate and the diverse weather and terrain that aspiring airline pilots need to build the skills that employers are seeking. Learn more.

Redmond Campus

Located in the world-renowned outdoor playground of Central Oregon, our Redmond campus boasts abundant year-round sunshine in a high desert environment among Cascade peaks, but enough weather diversity to create the real-life instrument flying conditions that students need. Learn more.