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Airplane Flight Training School

Thousands of airline pilots got their start with us.

Get a head start on your career as an airplane pilot at Hillsboro Aero Academy—our flight school is designed to prepare students to fly anywhere in the world. If working for an airline is your dream job, our airplane training can help you get there.

We’ve been training professional airplane pilots since 1980, and students from over 75 countries have learned to fly at our flight school. Our graduates fly for major airlines worldwide, because those airlines recognize that we train our pilots to the standards they seek.

Why do so many airline pilot careers start from our flight line?

Our new program pacing means students can go from zero experience to a professional pilot career in as little as 12 months. Learn More.

For international students, our new Joint EASA/FAA program offers dual certification in one program, one cost, and one location. Learn more.

Our airline partnerships and track record of alumni placement with major airlines in the industry. Learn More.

Our Pacific Northwest flight environment offers real-world instrument training conditions that produce the experienced pilots that airlines seek. Learn More.

Our industry-leading IS-BAO Stage 3 safety rating is proof of our commitment to safety, and our accreditation demonstrates our commitment to academic standards. Learn more.

Are you ready to fly?

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Briganse Ananth
First Officer
Cambodia Angkor Air

Until you spread your wings, you have no idea how far you’ll fly. Training and flying with HAA in Oregon has made me realize the importance the “Aviate, Navigate, Communicate lesson,” which is taught in the beginning by every instructor.  The challenging weather, flying in IMC and teaching students at the same time has developed the required multi-tasking skills in the airlines.