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How much does airplane flight training cost?

This is highly dependent on the individual student and the pace at which you choose to complete the program. Flying more frequently improves retention, which in turn improves your ability to complete the program with fewer flight hours. Some people are able to understand and retain the material more quickly than others. These factors can all affect the total cost of the program.

We estimate our program costs based on averages to complete the entire course, known as the Professional Pilot Program. The cost of our Airplane Professional Pilot Program, including Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, and Certified Flight Instructor Rating is about $63,000 USD on average. To complete the additional instructor ratings, which we recommend to improve your knowledge and experience and enable you to build additional flight hours more quickly, is about $11,000 USD more.

These estimates are based on average program pricing for flight instruction, ground instruction, aircraft rentals, simulator rentals, and written tests. The only item not included in this estimate is the fee you pay to the Designated Pilot Examiner when you take your check ride because those fees are paid directly to that person and not HAA.

Our admissions team will be happy to discuss costs specific to your situation. We love to see students go after their dreams of becoming pilots, so we do our best to provide financial guidance where we can.

What are my financing options?

One advantage of Hillsboro Aero Academy is that we allow you to pay as you go for your training, and we don’t require a deposit before you begin flying. You can pay your balance at the completion of each lesson, instead of paying for many ahead of time.

International students do have to show they are capable of paying for training before we are allowed to give you paperwork for a visa, but you don’t have to transfer any funds before you start training.

To understand financing options in detail, including third-party financing, government programs, and college degree options, be sure to visit our Financing page.

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