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Airplane Lessons

Whether you want to work as an airplane pilot or fly corporate charters, Hillsboro Aero Academy’s airplane training course helps you to become a safe, proficient pilot. We give you the tools for a successful start.


All of our flying classes are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved and we offer Federation Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 61 and Part 141 training—you’ll find out more about that below.


There are many different approaches to pilot training and the ratings you can earn. We’ll help you decide on the best airplane lessons to match your dream career.

Flight Lessons


The Airplane Professional Pilot Program is the full training course for people whose goal is to work as a professional airplane pilot. This program includes training for these certificates and ratings: Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Certified Flight Instructor.

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A Private Pilot Certificate will allow you to fly virtually anywhere by yourself or with your friends and family on board. It will provide the foundation you will need to continue your airplane training in more advanced courses. Whether you plan to fly for fun, provide yourself with transportation or gain knowledge and experience for future ratings, it begins with your private pilot training.

From day one of your first flight pilot course, you’re in the cockpit getting hands-on experience.

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Bad weather demands the skill to control and navigate an airplane with only your instruments. Our Instrument Course teaches you how to do it, and this rating is a step toward more challenging and rewarding pilot careers. It’s a necessity for any airline job.

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Hone your skills as a pilot with training for a Commercial Pilot Certificate. Build on the skills you learned in the Private and Instrument training and gain confidence in the aircraft so that you will be prepared to carry paying passengers and get a job flying as a professional pilot. Whether your professional goal is to fly a Boeing 747, a Cessna Citation or a cargo plane, you need a Commercial Pilot Certificate to fly for hire.

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A Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Rating is required for a pilot to instruct other pilots—often the first step in a pilot’s career and a great way to gain flight hours. Flight instructing is a wonderful way to get started in the aviation industry, and you can build up your own experience and credentials while sharing your passion for flying with other aspiring pilots.

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The Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) Course combines the techniques developed in the prior instructor courses with the knowledge and experience you learned in the Instrument training to ensure that you are safe and proficient to teach a student to fly in the clouds. All of our instrument-rated flight instructors are required to fly in actual instrument conditions and this course prepares you well to do so with confidence.

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The Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) Course allows you to gain the experience and training necessary to instruct private and commercial pilots in a multi-engine airplane.

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Depending on your specific goals in aviation, many pilots choose to pursue additional specialized flight training. Specialized flying classes available include Turbine Airplane Transition, Glass Cockpit Transition and High Altitude and High-Performance training in our King Air C90 aircraft.

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FAR PART 61/141 Certification

We’re able to offer you airplane pilot training under both FAR Part 61 and FAR Part 141.

What does that mean?

This means we have two different ways to approach your training. Both FAR Part 61 and Part 141 training demand the same minimum standards for you to get your pilot certificate, but FAR Part 141 is more methodical and refined.

Flight instructors approved by the FAA can train you under FAR Part 61 anywhere—whether they’re attached to a flight school or not—and they can follow their own method.

FAR Part 141 training is given through approved flight schools, like Hillsboro Aero Academy, who have had our course curriculums reviewed and approved by the FAA. This means we’ve perfected our flight pilot courses over time, found the best path for your training, and we stick to it.

Your long-term goals and learning style will determine which FAR part is right for you, and we’ll help you decide.

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