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Airplane Pilot Courses

Start your pilot education off on the right foot with our industry-leading professional pilot training program.

Whether you want to work as an airline pilot, transport pilot, or fly corporate charters, our aviation training courses help you become a safe, proficient pilot. We give you the tools to successfully begin your career, including supportive instructors, real-world flight environments, FAA-approved pilot classes, and more.

We provide FAA-approved flight training and pilot courses, which in accordance with the aviation industry standards, makes you all set to become a confident pilot. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to make you ready to fly from the first class itself. Explore our website today and take the first step towards soaring through the skies with confidence.

Training Programs

FAA Professional Pilot Program

The Airplane Professional Pilot Program is the full aviation training course for people whose goal is to work as a professional airplane pilot. And our new Accelerated pacing allows students to complete every rating in the program in 12 months.

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EASA/FAA Professional Pilot Program

Our new Joint EASA/FAA airplane pilot program offers students the opportunity to earn both FAA and EASA professional pilot ratings in one location, under one program, with the potential for significant time and cost savings vs. pursuing the certifications separately.

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FAA Aviation Training Courses

We offer pilot training under both FAR Part 61 and FAR Part 141.

What does that mean?

This means we have two different ways to approach your training. Both FAR Part 61 and Part 141 training demand the same minimum standards for you to get your pilot certificate, but FAR Part 141 is more methodical and refined.

Flight instructors approved by the FAA can train you under FAR Part 61 anywhere—whether they’re attached to a flight school or not—and they can follow their own method. Moreover, these airplane flight training classes are structured to meet your unique needs.

FAR Part 141 training and avation classes is given through approved flight schools, like Hillsboro Aero Academy, who have had our course curriculums reviewed and approved by the FAA. This means we’ve perfected our courses over time, found the best path for your training and we stick to it.


The amount you need to spend to get an airplane pilot’s license will vary based on factors such as career goals, training duration, and license types. You can view our prices here.

Our Professional Pilot Course takes about 18 months to complete, but then most people need another 1-2 years to build the hours necessary to move onto their next commercial job.

Even though a degree may not be mandatory, most major airlines prefer candidates with a college degree in aviation or any related field for better opportunities.

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