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Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Training

Teach other pilots how to fly in the clouds.

The Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) Course combines the techniques developed in the prior instructor courses with the knowledge and experience you learned in the Instrument training to ensure that you are safe and proficient to teach a student to fly in the clouds. All of our instrument-rated flight instructors  are required to fly in actual instrument conditions and this course prepares you well to do so with confidence.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to Provide Flight Training in Instrument Conditions
  • How to Teach Instrument Flying Skills and IFR Rules & Procedures
  • How to Instruct, Evaluate & Motivate Effectively
  • And So Much More

As with the CFI Course, the CFII Course utilizes the simulator to a high degree to develop training scenarios that are difficult to replicate in the airplane. You will learn how to set up the scenarios to build upon knowledge that the students have learned during the private pilot training and convey those concepts as they relate to flying an airplane with reference to the instruments.

This training time is focused on allowing you to practice your instructing skills while flying in instrument conditions with limited visibility.  It will prepare you to work as a flight instructor in more challenging weather conditions helping students earn their Instrument ratings.

As an add-on rating to either a Single-Engine or Multi-Engine Instructor Rating under Part 141, this course requires 15 hours of flight training and 15 hours of ground training.