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Certified Flight Instructor

Become an instructor to share what you love.

A Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Rating is required for a pilot to instruct other pilots. This is often the first step in a pilot’s career and a great opportunity to gain flight hours. Flight instructing is a wonderful way to get started in the aviation industry. You can build up your own experience and credentials while sharing your passion for flying with other aspiring pilots. Hillsboro Aero Academy’s Certified Flight Instructor training will give you all the tools you need to become a qualified instructor.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to Provide Flight Training
  • How to Provide Ground Training
  • How to Instruct, Evaluate & Motivate Effectively
  • And So Much More

In this flight instructor course, you’ll learn how to administer ground training and flight training, so you can provide well-rounded instruction for students. In addition to the necessary technical skills, you’ll also gain a better understanding of how to instruct and inspire pilots in training. It’s this combination of distinct skillsets that creates effective teachers.

Many of our own flight instructors were hired right after completing their flight instructor training at Hillsboro Aero Academy, so this is also an excellent opportunity to gain the confidence of your peers and earn your first job as a professional pilot while building the flight hours that airlines require.

The FAA minimum hour requirement for a flight instructor course to deliver a Part 141 CFI Rating is 40 hours of ground training and 25 hours of flight training.