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Instrument Rating

Learn to fly in conditions that demand the use of your instruments.

Bad weather demands the skill to control and navigate an airplane with only your instruments. Our Instrument Course teaches you how to do it, and this rating is a step toward more challenging and rewarding pilot careers and a necessity for any airline job.

What You’ll Learn

  • Navigating by Instruments
  • Attitude Indicator Flying
  • Advanced Approach
  • Advanced Landing
  • Flying in Bad Weather
  • And So Much More

Expand your skills as a pilot with training for an Instrument Rating. Learn how to fly the airplane solely by reading your instruments, while flying in the clouds without visual reference to the ground. Experience the Air Traffic Control system and become proficient in operating your airplane in a variety of weather conditions. The Pacific Northwest is a perfect place to learn and develop your instrument flying skills because of the wide range of weather conditions you will be able to experience, and you can log hours in actual instrument conditions.

When you demonstrate you have the required ground knowledge and the necessary flight skills for the instrument course, you will take your instrument check ride. The FAA minimum hour requirement for a Part 141 Instrument Rating is 30 hours of ground training and 35 hours of flight training. Remember that these are the minimum hours that the FAA requires but every student learns a different speed so actual hours may be higher.