Multi-Engine Instructor Course

The Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) Course allows you to gain the experience and training necessary to instruct private and commercial pilots in a multi-engine airplane. This course teaches specialized skills and is a great way to improve your knowledge as an instructor.


During this course, you will build upon the skills learned during your multi-engine training and combine those skills with the instructional techniques necessary to safely teach the next generation of multi-engine pilots. The Piper Seminole is a complex and therefore challenging aircraft, which demands the highest level of instructional proficiency.

The Multi-Engine Instructor course focuses on specific issues related to multi-engine flying, including practicing single-engine approaches and landings, aerodynamics, and emergency procedures. Instructors will learn how to efficiently use the simulator to deliver the training in a safe and proficient manner. You’ll also learn how to effectively communicate in the classroom and deliver motivational and informative lessons.

Flight instruction allows pilots to build on their existing skills. It’s a great opportunity to gain more confidence and experience as a pilot. Contact Hillsboro Aero Academy now to take your aviation education to the next level. Our Multi-Engine Instructor training will give you all the tools you need to start your professional pilot career.

  • How to Provide Flight Training in a Complex, Multi-Engine Aircraft
  • How to Teach Advanced Aircraft Systems & Aerodynamics
  • How to Instruct, Evaluate & Motivate Effectively
  • And So Much More

As an initial rating under Part 141, this course requires 25 hours of flight training in a multi-engine airplane and 40 hours of ground training, while an add-on rating under Part 141 requires 15 hours of flight time and 15 hours of ground training.  This training time is focused on allowing you to practice your instructing skills in the airplane and in the classroom while exposing you to the diverse challenges of flight instruction.



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