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Celebrating Success: Bryan Jeffers

Helicopter Foundation International’s 2017 Michelle North Scholarship for Safety Award has been presented to Bryan Jeffers, Hillsboro Aero Academy’s Helicopter Assistant Chief Instructor.

The mission of Helicopter Foundation International is to work to preserve the history of vertical flight, improve its safety, and educate the next generation of pilots and maintenance technicians. This mission clearly aligns with the scholarship they offer in Michelle North’s name. The Michelle North Scholarship for Safety is awarded to a pilot who has a Commercial Pilot Certificate and demonstrates an aptitude for safe flying and aviation best practices.

The winner receives registration to attend Helicopter Association International’s Heli-Expo and the Safety Management Course that takes place at this tradeshow. The goal is to promote safety throughout the industry with the hope that this course can help educate the next generation of pilots and enable them to develop processes to make their organizations safer.

Bryan has always loved aviation and spent his entire life dreaming of becoming a pilot. He followed in his dad’s footsteps and joined the Air Force as a weapons and munitions loader. Flying helicopters had never crossed his mind until he rode in one during an Air Force training mission. Bryan’s first experience hovering in a helicopter is a moment he never forgot. After he completed his service, he signed up for the helicopter program at Hillsboro Aero Academy and became a CFI and then the Helicopter Assistant Chief Instructor overseeing all of the helicopter CFIs at the Hillsboro campus. This scholarship will help Bryan continue to promote safety at Hillsboro Aero Academy and further educate other CFIs and students.

Bryan Jeffers Michelle North Safety Scholarship

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