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COVID-19 Updates


Our safety culture is paramount.

At HAA, our mission has always been not merely to keep our staff and students safe, but to practice a safety culture, where every member of our community makes a positive contribution to our health and safety.

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced new challenges, and we’re proud of the way our safety culture has responded to allow us to continue fulfilling our students’ dreams of a career in flight while also keeping them safe. Our COVID-19 Response Plan has been in place since the first days of the pandemic, and we continuously update our protocols to align with evolving guidance from the CDC and the State of Oregon. Read on to learn more.

COVID-19 Protocols

State of Oregon

The State of Oregon has implemented some of the strictest prevention protocols in the U.S., and consequently the infection rate in the state has been among the lowest in the country. As an essential business, HAA is able to continue operating and to welcome international and domestic students by adhering to protocols that align with the state’s.

Admissions Protocols

All international students and some domestic students must quarantine after arrival in Oregon or may wait four days and get a COVID-19 test. After quarantining or getting a negative test result, students are welcome on campus. Students must complete also quarantine before being admitted to student housing. We also assist students with the use of grocery and meal delivery services.

Campus Access

Our campus facilities are secured 24/7; only staff and students have key card/code access. Both students and staff must complete a health screening questionnaire before entering campus. While on campus, all personnel wear appropriate face coverings.

Equipment Protocols

Our protocols included cleaning of frequently touched surfaces four times per day with an approved disinfectant, use of no-touch disposal receptacles, the aforementioned mask requirement, a hand-washing protocol, and enhanced cleaning at each campus. Aircraft are sanitized before launch every morning and all aircraft are regularly grounded for deep cleaning.

Instruction Protocols

Most ground instruction is conducted remotely via video conference. For ground instruction that requires in-person interaction (e.g., pre-flight briefing, progress checks), the classrooms allow six-foot distancing, and masks are required. Dual flight instruction includes requirements for masking at all times and wearing nitrile gloves where possible. Non-pilot passengers are prohibited except by special permission of the Chief Instructor.

Incident Protocols

If a student or employee tests positive for COVID-19, our Incident Response protocol is activated. The protocol  requires the individual to quarantine and to provide notification to student services, which in turn activates a series of procedures for sanitization of equipment, contact tracing and notification, quarantine, and medical treatment. The infected employee or student remains in quarantine until cleared by a physician.