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Employment Tracks

Hillsboro Aero Academy is proud to offer a variety of employment tracks designed to help our employees achieve their desired career goals.

Management Track
The management track allows employees to grow within our company and take on management positions with increased responsibility and authority. If being more than “just a pilot” interests you, we can provide the tools and training necessary to excel in challenging and rewarding management positions at HAA.

The first step in this track is to become a mentor to other CFIs. HAA has an established mentorship program where experienced CFIs share their knowledge and help newer CFIs learn to handle the challenges of being an instructor. After becoming a mentor and with enough instruction experience, there are possibilities for different management positions, such as Assistant Chief Instructor or Campus Manager. In these positions you will have the opportunity to hone your management skills under the supervision of a senior manager.

Instructor Track
Teaching people to fly is one of the most rewarding jobs a pilot can have. The excitement of watching your student complete their first solo or receive their certificate is difficult to find in any other aviation job. For those people who find their calling teaching others, Hillsboro Aero Academy has a track for long-term instructors.

HAA offers the opportunity to work as an instrument instructor or multi-engine instructor. These positions allow our CFIs to continue building their experience and knowledge as an instructor. It is possible to have HAA pay for these advanced courses depending on the company’s current needs. Being an instrument instructor in our diverse environment allows you to get real world IFR experience flying in one of the best IFR training areas in the world.

After building your experience as a flight instructor, HAA offers the possibility of becoming a stage instructor. In this role, instructors evaluate the effectiveness of other instructors and help ensure students are prepared for upcoming check rides. We also offer opportunities for advanced instruction, including training new CFIs, teaching in our turbine aircraft, and performing employee training.

Airline/Corporate Track
Working at Hillsboro Aero Academy as a flight instructor is a fantastic way to build real-world experience while helping students achieve their dreams. For many instructors, this is a way to build the minimum hours required to work for an airline or corporate flight department. One of the biggest reasons our graduates are successful in airline and corporate positions is due to the skills and experience they gain during their time working as an instructor. It provides a strong foundation on which to build their career.

HAA has a vast network of graduates and contacts flying for airline and commercial operators all over the world. Often this network of graduates is the best way to make contacts and attain interviews at many of these companies. HAA has leveraged its reputation for producing high-quality pilots to create pathway agreements with airlines. These agreements can help ensure you receive an interview when these companies are hiring and that your resume gets put on top of the stack by hiring managers at major airlines and corporate flight departments.