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Helicopter Rates and Fees


Our current helicopter program and hourly rates and fees are shown below. Please note that prices are subject to change, and that program pricing is based on average hours for completion. Individual student completion rates will vary.

Our joint EASA-FAA helicopter program has some requirements and fees specific to EASA. Please contact us at 1.503.489.1142 to get pricing for this program.

Hourly Rates and Fees (Effective 9/1/22)

Helicopter Hourly Rates
Robinson R22$305.00
Robinson R22 IFR$305.00
Robinson R44 VFR & IFR$554.00
Flight Simulator Hourly Rates
FRASCA TruFlite$95.00
Instruction Hourly Rates
Flight & Ground Instruction$59.00
Ground and Pre/Post Flight$59.00
Group Ground Instruction$31.00
FAA Tests & Practicals
FAA Written Exams (paid to PSI)$175.00
Practical Exam (paid to DPE)Variable
Other Fees
Student Registration Fee$150.00
International Application Processing Fee$300.00
Training Deposit (Refundable)$500.00

Helicopter Professional Pilot Program (Rates Effective 9/1/22)

Private Pilot Certificate
55 Hours Dual (Robinson R22)$20,020.00
5 Hours Solo (Robinson R22)$1,525.00
35 Hours Ground$2,065.00
21 Hours Pre & Post Flight$1,239.00
Computerized FAA Written Exam$175.00
1.5 Hours Helicopter Rental for Practical Test$457.50
Instrument Rating
40 Hours Dual (Robinson R22 IFR)$14,560.00
0 Hours Dual Simulator$0
30 Hours Ground$1,770.00
15 Hours Pre & Post Flight$885.00
Computerized FAA Written Exam$175.00
2 Hours Helicopter Rental for Practical Test$610.00
Commercial Pilot Certificate 
50 Hours Dual (Robinson R22)$18,200.00
10 Hours Solo (Robinson R22)$3,050.00
20 Hours Ground$1,180.00
19 Hours Pre & Post Flight$1,121.00
Computerized FAA Written Exam$175.00
1.5 Hours Helicopter Rental for Practical Test$457.50
Certified Flight Instructor Rating
25 Hours Dual (Robinson R22)$9,100.00
40 Hours Ground$2,360.00
10 Hours Pre & Post Flight$590.00
Computerized FAA Written Exams$350.00
1.5 Hours Helicopter Rental for Practical Test$457.50
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating
7 Hours Dual (Robinson R22 IFR)$2,548.00
0 Hours Dual Simulator$0
6 Hours Ground$354.00
3 Hours Pre & Post Flight$177.00
Computerized FAA Written Exams$175.00
1.5 Hours Helicopter Rental for Practical Test$457.50
  • Based on 200 hour program for SFAR instructor requirements
  • Totals based on averages, actual costs may vary
  • Prices subject to change
  • During times of extreme fuel costs, a surcharge may be implemented