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Helicopter Pilot Training School

Realize your dream of being a helicopter pilot at our helicopter pilot training school in the USA. Whether you’re interested in emergency medical services (EMS), firefighting, external load operations, tour operations or private flight, Hillsboro Heli Academy (the helicopter division of Hillsboro Aero Academy) will set you on the path to success.

Our helicopter flight school, Hillsboro Heli Academy, enjoys a global reputation as one of the world’s helicopter pilot education programs. Thousands of helicopter pilots from over 75 countries have chosen us to fulfill their dream of flight because we honor the unique needs of each student with personalized instruction, career mentoring, and tailored programs.

The spirit of adventure that draws students from around the world is fulfilled in one of the most visually stunning, challenging, and diverse flight environments on earth.

Our helicopter pilot training school is also backed by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) accreditation and an industry-leading safety program.

Unique among helicopter schools, our helicopter pilot education is both FAA-approved and EASA-approved. Our joint EASA/FAA program allows European students to complete their training and earn their needed flight hours under an extended F-1 visa, at significant cost savings.

Our FAA training is conducted under both Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 61 and FAR Part 141.


Are you ready to fly?


Where did you go to flight school? I’m asked that question a lot and can answer with confidence and pride that I went to Hillsboro. The high standard of instruction at Hillsboro is well known and respected in the aviation industry.
Jon Sevy HAA graduate

Jon Sevy, S-92 Captain for PHI
Hillsboro's partnership with Portland Community College made it possible for Jon to work on his pilot certificates and college degree at the same time.

A structured, professional training program is the foundation for your entire career as a pilot, and Hillsboro helped me build that strong foundation.
Daniel Aufdenblatten HAA graduate

Daniel Aufdenblatten, Pilot for Air Zermatt
The training Daniel received at Hillsboro helped prepare him to perform one of the world’s highest altitude long-line rescues. In 2010, Daniel piloted the helicopter that rescued three climbers from Nepal’s Mount Annapurna at an elevation of 23,000 feet.

Why Hillsboro Heli Academy?

Helicopter Flight Environments

With with our helicopter training school near a major city, the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Range, you get to train in challenging flight environments that you’ll encounter in real world operations.

Many other helicopter pilot education programs promise sunny days and clear skies, which make it easier to fly, but leave you without valuable experience. The widely varied conditions of the Pacific Northwest prep you for almost every kind of weather you will experience as a commercial pilot.

When you learn to fly here, you can fly anywhere.

Helicopter Pilot Careers

Helicopter Fleet & Simulators

We have over 20 training helicopters—including the Robinson R22 and Robinson R44. One of the first steps in a pilot’s career is becoming a flight instructor and you need at least 50 flight hours in the Robinson R22 and 200 hours in helicopters to get hired here.

On top of the one-on-one ground training and helicopter flight instruction you receive, we also use the latest in flight simulator technology to give you a well-rounded set of skills.

See the Fleet

Helicopter Safety

Students get the opportunity to learn about safety in one-on-one situations with their instructors. This means you won’t get lost in the group and can set your own pace to make sure your learning is complete and thorough.

Hillsboro is proud of our IS-BAO accreditation—the first Part 141 primary flight school (academy) to receive this accreditation. Developed by the International Business Aviation Council, the IS-BAO program is an internationally recognized set of safety standards for business aviation.

Our full-time Director of Safety is responsible for ensuring consistent the consistent implementation of our Safety Management System and mitigation of risk to ensure your safety.

Learn About Safety

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