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Helicopter Pilot Training School

Find your own path to the skies.

The path to the skies isn’t taken lightly. It’s a journey of passion and unwavering determination.

As Hillsboro Aero Academy’s helicopter pilot training school in the USA, Hillsboro Heli Academy enjoys an unmatched global reputation among helicopter pilot education programs. Thousands of helicopter pilots from over 55 countries have chosen us to help them pursue their dream of flight.

Our global reputation makes our helicopter pilot graduates some of the most sought-after pilots in the industry. Our graduates enjoy a 99% job placement rate for those seeking helicopter careers, because employers know our graduates are prepared to fly anywhere. We are one of the best helicopter pilot schools offering FAA helicopter training to individuals who aspire to soar high in the sky.

Why do so many helicopter careers take off from our helipad?

Our first-of-its-kind Joint EASA/FAA Program on the F-1 visa allows European students to earn the flight hours they need at considerable savings. Learn about our EASA/FAA program. >>

Our financing options can cover up to 100% of tuition, helping to put the dream of a helicopter career within reach for students who qualify. Learn about financing options. >>

Our global reputation and vast alumni network provides career path opportunities. Learn about our career paths. >>

Our flight environment in the stunning and diverse Columbia River Gorge offers skill-building challenges. Learn about our flight environment. >>

Our IS-BAO Stage 3 safety rating is proof of our leadership in safety, and our Title IV status and ACCSC accreditation demonstrate our commitment to high academic standards. Learn about our accreditation. >>


Absolutely not! All it takes is dedication, commitment to study, and practice in the aircraft. Attending a helicopter flight school will help you learn the necessary skills required to fly a helicopter both through flight and ground instruction.

Our Helicopter Professional Pilot Program which includes the private pilot, instrument, commercial pilot and flight instructors courses is structured to take less than 15 months to complete if you are a full-time student on the flight schedule five times per week.

The FAA sets a minimum number of flight and ground hours that must be reached for each individual certificate or rating. Our courses ensure students meet those requirements before taking the FAA examination. We also structure our program to help students obtain 200 total flight hours to meet the SFAR 73 requirements to instruct in a Robinson R22 helicopter.

Are you ready to fly?

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Jon Sevy
S-92 Captain for PHI

The training I received gave me a solid foundation of the basic knowledge and skills needed to be successful in my current position at PHI. Most importantly, though, I had so much fun! The community of Hillsboro students, instructors and staff is what makes it really work.

Hillsboro’s partnership with Portland Community College made it possible for Jon to work on his helicopter pilot education and college degree at the same time.