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Helicopter Training Costs

Want to know how much helicopter flight school costs?

The answer depends on a few factors, like the location of where you do your training, the courses you need to take to meet your career goal and the type of aircraft you fly. Our Professional Helicopter Pilot Program gives you the tools to pursue your commercial helicopter license, and our specialty courses can further enhance your training depending on your goals.

Also, in Oregon there is no sales tax, which can significantly reduce your helicopter training costs. Our location in Portland allows you to reap this benefit when pursuing your helicopter license.

Our admissions team will be happy to discuss costs specific to your situation. We love to see students go after their dreams of becoming pilots, so we do our best to provide financial assistance where we can.

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Flexible financing options

One of the best things about Hillsboro Aero Academy is that we allow you to pay as you go for your training and we don’t need a deposit before you begin flying. You can pay your balance at the completion of each lesson, instead of paying for many ahead of time.

International students do have to show they are capable of paying for training before we are allowed to give you paperwork for a visa, but you don’t have to transfer any funds before you start training.

We offer financing options with competitive rates and flexible repayment options to help aspiring pilots. This assistance allows you to start your training as soon as possible. Don’t let training costs delay you from pursuing your dream to fly.

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Do you have questions about helicopter training costs? We’d love to answer them!

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