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Helicopter – Certified Flight Instructor

Build the flight hours you need by learning how to teach other helicopter pilots.

Your first career step is likely to be working as a flight instructor to gain the flight hours that helicopter employers demand. The Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Rating is required if you want to instruct other pilots. We take pride in our ability to impart our vast experience to develop flight instructors who stand above the competition.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to Provide Flight Training
  • How to Provide Ground Training
  • Common Student Mistakes and How to Correct Them
  • How to Instruct, Evaluate & Motivate Effectively
  • And So Much More

Once you have your Commercial Pilot Certificate, it’s time to start thinking about your first paying job as a helicopter pilot which for most people is working as a certified flight instructor. Many people choose this path because they want an opportunity to pass on the skills and knowledge they received during their training to a new student and in the process improve their own understanding.

During this training course you will learn the fundamentals of instruction, including how to teach ground training topics and flight maneuvers while also learning how to appropriately respond to student’s actions in flight. During the flight portion, you will learn how to teach flight skills and maneuvers effectively and efficiently to your students. Learning common student pitfalls and how to avoid them is also covered in your training. By employing scenarios, real-world situations and knowledge from our most senior instructors, you will learn how to use this information to best educate your students.

Helicopter CFI Requirements

In order to obtain a Helicopter Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Rating, you must have already obtained a Commercial Pilot Certificate and have met the FAA requirements for the CFI. Once these are obtained, you can take the FAA practical test to measure your qualifications and proficiencies. It is essential for pilots to have adequate knowledge of aviation technology, instructional methods, and the right skill sets for teaching.

How to become a flight instructor

To be a flight instructor, a pilot must possess a Commercial Pilot Certificate and meet the FAA’s minimum requirements for the Flight Instructor Rating. An individual can meet these requirements by enrolling in a flight instructor training course. When a pilot meets the requirements they can take the FAA practical exam to obtain the CFI rating and be eligible to apply for CFI jobs.

The FAA minimum requirement for Part 141 CFI Rating is 40 hours of ground training and 25 hours of flight training. Generally, the flight time for the CFI is the difference between your flight time on earning a Commercial Pilot Certificate and 200 hours of total time, which is required for those who want to instruct in a Robinson R22.


A helicopter Certified Flight Instructor is someone who has adequate certifications to teach helicopter pilot students during their flight training courses.

A helicopter Certified Flight Instructor is someone who has adequate certifications to teach and train helicopter pilot students during their flight training courses.

It usually takes around 100 learning hours to complete CFI Training and to become eligible for getting a CFI License. By using the CFI License, an individual can train others on the craft of flying an airplane or helicopter.

The daily limit for CFI is usually 8 training hours out of the 24 hours in a day. This prescribed limit is set to ensure that a CFI is adequately trained and gains the requisite knowledge and experience for instructing others on aviation technology and flight.