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Commercial Helicopter Pilot Certificate

It’s time to turn pro: get the skills you need to fly for a living.

If you want to get paid to fly, you need your Commercial Pilot Certificate. This course expands on private pilot training and introduces more advanced maneuvers and skills. This training course teaches you to fly to higher and more precise standards to prepare you for your first commercial job.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to Fly Professionally
  • Advanced Aerodynamics
  • Commercial Rules & Regulations
  • Helicopter Power Management
  • How to Use Good Judgment
  • Pinnacles & Confined Areas
  • Additional Specialized Skill Modules
  • And So Much More

During the commercial portion of your training, we continue to refine your skills and help you learn more advanced flying techniques so you will be prepared for that first commercial job.

When you first start your commercial training, we work on building your experience flying to different locations and airports so you become comfortable flying into new areas. This experience will be valuable when a future boss asks you to move an aircraft to a new location, and you are able to safely and efficiently handle this.

The later part of your commercial training focuses on refining your flight knowledge and abilities so that you will not only get hired for your first pilot job but have the skills to keep it. You will learn advanced autorotation techniques, different ways to do off-airport landings and a higher level of helicopter control necessary to be a safe commercial pilot.

The FAA minimum required hours for a Part 141 Commercial Pilot Certificate is 30 hours of ground training and 115 of flight training. At least 20 of those hours must be completed with a flight instructor, but the actual amount of time spent on dual training will depend on any extra training modules you choose. We do have an option for a commercial/instrument course that can increase your efficiency during this training.