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Specialized Helicopter Training

Add to your skills with specialized training.

If you want to prepare for a more challenging and exciting career, it’s a great idea to add specialized training to your Professional Pilot Program and further enhance your skills. It’s your chance to further pursue the helicopter pilot career path that interests you most.

External Load Course

Fire suppression, logging and rescue operations are just some of the helicopter career fields that require proficient skill in flying with an external load. Flying external load or “long lining” requires a whole new skill set, vertical reference. Vertical reference means you’re no longer looking forward to safely manipulate the helicopter controls but looking beneath you while safely flying the aircraft. Our External Load Course also teaches our pilots the skills necessary to help with ground operations, including attaching and detaching loads and guiding a load to a specific drop point. The course starts with basic technique in a variety of aircraft of your choice, including the R44 and Bell 206B3. From there the course transitions into more advance technique including real life application insuring you’ll be ready for the rigors of flying external load.


Mountain Flying Course

Many helicopter jobs require proficient skill flying in mountainous terrain and northwestern Oregon is the perfect place to learn. Whether it’s the Cascades or the Coastal Range, you’ll obtain the skills necessary to safely operate in mountainous areas. Our Mountain Flying Course consists of both flight and ground classes in which you will learn mountain flying theory and control technique. Confined area operations, pinnacle landings and wind finding techniques are a few of the new skills you acquire during this course. We offer the Mountain Flying Course in the R22, R44 and Bell 206B3. Our Part 141 Mountain Flying Course will give you the knowledge and skill to safely navigate any terrain the mission may call for.


Turbine Transition Course

Once you’ve mastered the skills of piston aircraft, it’s time to transition into the larger more powerful turbine helicopters. This course covers turbine theory, power management, systems, operational considerations and care of the aircraft. Hillsboro Aero Academy’s flight school is very unique in that we have a close partnership with our sister company, Hillsboro Aviation. This partnership gives us access to instructors who have numerous hours of real-world turbine experience. With experienced instructors and Bell helicopters, Hillsboro Aero Academy is the perfect place to receive your turbine transition training.