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Dream Big.

Turn your dream of flight into a rewarding career.

Learn about Ascend Pilot Academy, our exclusive training program with Alaska Airlines

Ascend Pilot Academy

Ascend Pilot Academy  is our exclusive partnership with Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. It offers aspiring pilots a direct path to a career with Alaska, and the financial help to get there: Enrolled cadet pilots receive a stipend of up to $26,463.

Learn about our joint EASA-FAA program on the F-1 visa: a faster path to a helicopter pilot career.

Joint EASA-FAA Certification

Through our partnership with Austria-based Rotorsky, European students seeking a career as a helicopter pilot can complete both FAA and EASA commercial pilot programs in as little as 15 months, plus 23 months of work eligibility on the F-1 visa.

HAA Cessna 172 trainer
Helicopter Flight Training

Our mission: to be the finest helicopter and airplane flight training school in the sky.

Over more than four decades, our pilot training school has built a global reputation by helping aspiring pilots from 75+ countries to achieve their dreams of a career in flight. We succeed by honoring each student’s personal path to achieving that dream.

Helicopter Pilot Training School

Want to fly search and rescue missions? Fight fires? Make movies? Fly utility operations in remote parts of the world? Our FAA and EASA approved helicopter pilot training school builds your skills in the rugged and dynamic Pacific Northwest, preparing you for a dream career anywhere in the world.

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Airplane Pilot Training School

Our global reputation and international certifications ensure that the pilot career doors are open wide for graduates of our airplane pilot training school. Hillsboro alumni fly for major airlines throughout the world, as well as countless private operations. And with long-term pilot demand at an all-time high, now is the right time.

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What Makes Us Different?


HAA welcomes students from 75+ countries to our global community, supported by up to two years of visa eligibility.


HAA has a 40-year track record of alumni representing our brand in every major airline and helicopter profession.


Our diverse weather conditions and rugged terrain provide the instrument training experience that employers seek out.


We are accredited by ACCSC, whose mission is “ensuring quality education that enhances student success in the workforce.”


Through personalized instruction, career mentoring, and tailored programs, we honor the uniqueness of each student’s journey to becoming a pilot.


Our IS-BAO Stage 3 certification signifies the highest safety standards among all pilot training schools, with a culture of safety woven into ever detail of the program.


To advance your aviation career, one must think of becoming a certified flight instructor. For that, an applicant has to appear for a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) test. The CFI pass rate is the cutoff set for passing this test.

The average Hillsboro Aero Academy hourly pay ranges from approximately $29 per hour for a CFI to $42 per hour for a Flight Instructor.

If you’re planning to become a professional pilot, Congratulations! You must be 18 years of age to enroll in Hillsboro Aero Academy – fill in the details in the application form as asked.

Unlike other training academies, we don’t charge you a big sum of money upfront. You can start the training right away and pay for the lessons as you advance with flexibility of third party financing options, scholarship opportunities, and payment plans.

Questions about our flight school?

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Leandro Suruagy
Airline Captain

I am glad I chose HAA as my flight school. Their large fleet and infrastructure combined with the mountainous terrain and weather in the PNW definitely gave me the confidence to move forward with my career. As a CFII, I had the opportunity to teach my instrument students in actual IMC, and I was able to fly a total of 1000+ hours in a little over a year.

Leandro completed his professional pilot training at HAA’s airplane flight training school and worked as a CFI to build flight hours for the next step in his career.