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International Flight Training Academy

You are welcome here.

Aviation is a global community. And so are we.

For the last four decades, thousands of pilots from more than 75 countries have started their career paths with HAA, earning us a global reputation as one of the world’s premiere flight schools. More than anything else, the history of flight has been about connecting countries and communities across the globe. And our aspiring pilots choose this career path in part because of a desire to see the world and connect with other global citizens.

With our F-1 visa program, students can add up to 23 months of work authorization after their training, typically as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), to build the flight hours that employers require. And our joint EASA/FAA programs for both airplane and helicopter students create truly global pilots, with the ability to fly professionally in any license-accepting country across the world.

A Top International Flight School

Today a large number of our flight cadets are international, training alongside our domestic students at our three Oregon-based campuses. They choose to come fly with us for many reasons:

  • A supportive community for students from 75 countries
  • Flight instructors who reflect the diversity of our student body
  • Our unique flight environment, with weather and terrain that produce better prepared pilots
  • Our F-1 visa program, allowing up to 23 additional months of work authorization to build flight hours
  • Our joint EASA/FAA programs, allowing dual certification at considerable time and cost savings

International Regions


HAA’s pilot training programs adhere to the standards set by aviation regulatory agencies in multiple Asia-Pacific countries, including Vietnam’s CAAV. We’re also proud of our longtime partnership with Korea Aerospace University to train pilots for Korean Air.  We’ve built a welcoming community for students from the region, with many student support resources to ensure their success.

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We’re proud to be the only flight school in the US with both an F-1 visa program and airplane and helicopter training programs certified by EASA, the aviation authority for the European Union.

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