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SMS Reports


Hillsboro Aero Academy has an excellent safety record, and we take safety very seriously. We constantly strive to find ways to make our operations as safe as possible.

To help achieve our safety goals, Hillsboro Aero Academy implemented a Safety Management System (SMS) for the entire company. The program begins with a Director of Safety who reports directly to the VP of Operations. This is designed to ensure that the highest level of management is aware of and can make decisions about all major incidents in a timely manner. There are five department safety managers that report directly to the director of safety. They are specialists in their respective fields and deal with incidents directly. This guarantees that all incidents are resolved by a manager with the expertise to quickly and accurately minimize risk as much as possible.

Hillsboro Aero Academy’s SMS utilizes an online reporting program which allows employees or customers to report any hazards or incidents from any location, any time and anonymously, if desired. The report is then automatically emailed to the appropriate managers for an immediate response. Once a hazard is reported, it is logged into a computerized tracking program where it is not only stored for documentation but also used in trend analysis that alerts management to any hazards or risks that could be minimized by improving procedures or other means.