License Conversions

Hillsboro Aero Academy can help you convert your international license to a U.S. license quickly and efficiently. We have experience with students from every continent, and can help you make a smooth transition from flying in your country to ours. Likewise, if you do your training with us, we can help you convert your Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificates and ratings to a foreign license.

FAA License Conversion
If you are applying for a U.S. pilot certificate or rating on the basis of a foreign license, you should pre-apply for that certificate or rating at least 60 days before arriving at the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). You are responsible for completing this initial application step. The FSDO will not accept the initial application documents or a completed FAA Form 8710-1 until after the authentication has taken place. Once you have received a letter authenticating your foreign pilot certificate, you may make an appointment at the FSDO you designated in your application. Hillsboro Aero Academy can assist you with making this appointment. The FAA will grant you an FAA Private Pilot Certificate based on your foreign license and is only valid when your foreign license and medical certificate are valid. Click here to begin the process.

EASA License Conversion
For students who wish to train in the United States and then convert their FAA certificates to EASA certificates, our European representative can offer some assistance regarding EASA programs in Europe. For more information, contact Nicole Schuttenberg.