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Understanding Title IV

Our Title IV status unlocks new opportunities for students

HAA was recently designated a Title IV eligible educational institution and approved for new eligibility/in-school deferment only by the U.S. Department of Education. Fewer than 1% of U.S. flight schools hold this status. But what does it mean for students?

A Higher Standard

When you see that a school has Title IV status, you can feel confident in the quality of education and training that the school provides. Why? Because in order to earn Title IV status, the school must demonstrate its commitment to student success as well as its track record of career placement for its graduates. HAA maintains strong academic policies that help to ensure students stay on pace in their training and are prepared to start a professional career as a commercial pilot.

Financial Benefits

Our Title IV status has many direct benefits for domestic students to make flight training more financially accessible. These include:

  • Eligibility for college savings plans, known as 529 Plans, to cover the cost of training.
  • Deferment of some federal student loans from past schooling during your training.
  • Potential tax deductions

More Lending Options

Our Title IV status is also important to private lenders, because it demonstrates that our students show the academic progress and career outcomes that lenders care about. We at HAA have worked hard to expand the private lending options available to our students, and and we are proud to partner with several lending institutions to provide loan options to qualifying students.

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