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Private Pilot


Take the first step toward a flight career.

Our Private Pilot training course will allow you to fly virtually anywhere by yourself, or with your friends and family on board, and will provide the foundation you will need to continue your training in more advanced courses. Whether you plan to fly for fun or gain knowledge and experience for future ratings, it begins with your PPL training.

What You’ll Learn

  • Takeoffs & Landings
  • Basic Airplane Operations
  • Cross-Country Flying
  • Tower-Controlled Airport Operations
  • Emergency Procedures
  • And So Much More

Discover the joy of flying during training for a Private Pilot Certificate. Learn fundamental skills such as pre-flight preparation, takeoffs and landings, basic maneuvers, navigation, and how to safely deal with malfunctions during a flight.

In this complete private pilot training course, you will learn how to fly a single-engine airplane and start preparing to make your first solo flight, which is perhaps the most exciting and memorable flight you will ever have. You will also learn the skills you need to venture farther away from your base airport and prepare to make your first solo cross-country flight to an airport more than 50 nautical miles away.

Before the final FAA practical exam, also known as the check ride, we’ll help you polish and sharpen all of the skills you have learned in your private pilot course. You take the test with an FAA-designated examiner and when you complete it successfully, you’ll be issued your Private Pilot Certificate. The FAA minimum hour requirement for a Part 141 Private Pilot Certificate is 30 hours of ground training and 35 hours of flight training, although the average completion time is 75 hours, according to the FAA. We can’t guarantee a specific minimum for your private pilot course, because every person learns at their own pace. We won’t compromise your safety to guarantee a minimum number of training hours.